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Japan "BusinessJournal" 14 quoted anonymous Metropolitan Police Department Public Security officer as saying the Chinese Communist Party secret contacts punch continent will, is to discuss some key cadres of Texas will be the system's short-term hospital admission examination. Japanese public security authorities have a high degree of vigilance,canada goose outlet store online speculation that China "is not really going to Okinawa hands."
The report said the "action" is a key figure behind the pro-China camp LDP figure Toshihiro Nikai. Second Order in March by the Chinese delegation, Congressman Otsuka High School Division and the Texas hospital contact. It is reported that Texas will be a total of 66 hospitals in Japan. Why China risked physical condition to master the Japanese senior cadres selection Okinawa hospital? An anonymous Japanese police officers said that for China to lay the foundation for the robbery of Okinawa are more important than anything, the risk is much greater than the benefits.
"These absurd remarks maker is not ignorant but with ulterior motives."canada goose outlet toronto factory Vice president of China-Japan relations will be high sea historiography width of 15 on the "Global Times" reporter said that China stands allow Japan to return the Diaoyu Islands, but not the slightest meaning to heist Okinawa .canada goose outlet store locations In the current Sino-Japanese relations slight relief, the Japanese right-wing forces to get in out of the destruction of trouble, actually undermine Japan's own interests and national reputation. Wide high sea, said Toshihiro Nikai to promote long-term improvement of Sino-Japanese relations has done a lot of effort before a large number of Japanese young people visited China led, very useful for the development of relations between the young people, is to enhance bilateral understanding of charity, is a friendly gesture, The report said the fundamental behavior does not exist. This behavior is very bad rumor slander.

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