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WWWWWH: My name is Who What Where When Why How. Welcome Jean Marzollo.

Jean Marzollo: Thank you, Who What Where When Why How.

WWWWWH: What questions do kids ask you when you visit schools?

Jean Marzollo: They ask, "How many books have you written?" I say, "Over 100". How many have you written?

WWWWWH: I've written 2 books.

Jean Marzollo: Kids also ask me, "How many books have you written and illustrated?" I say, "10 books on paper and 3 books online." What about you?

WWWWWH: I write and illustrate all of my books. So far, they are all on paper.

Jean Marzollo: Kids ask me, "What is your latest book?" My latest book on paper is I SPY A TO Z. My latest book online is Earth Day Rap. What's your latest book?

WWWWWH: Cheetah vs. Bunny

Jean Marzollo: Great title!

WWWWWH: Thank you. What else do kids ask you?

I SPY A TO Z Cover
Earth Prayer Rap Cover

Jean Marzollo: Kids ask me, "What was school like when you were little." I say, "We had no homework, but we read all the time because we had no TV." What was school like when you were little?

WWWWWH: Our school had carrot sticks and mashed carrots for lunch. And we had a ton of homework for hopping, hopping, hopping. I got an F in hopping. I think that means Fabulous!

Jean Marzollo: I'm sure it does. Kids ask me, "Is it hard to write and illustrate books?" I say, "It's hard but it's fun. I like the whole process. I like writing first drafts. I like painting pictures to go with my words. I like testing my words and pictures with other people to see what interests them and what bores them. I also like to proofread my writing to make sure the spelling and punctuation is correct." What about you? Is writing and illustrating hard for you?

WWWWWH: It's easy for me to think of ideas. But it's hard for me to write them down because writing is hard for rabbits.

Jean Marzollo: I understand.

WWWWWH: Furry paws. But's let's go on. What else do kids ask you?

Jean Marzollo: Kids also ask me, "Are you proud of your books" I say, "Yes, I am." What about you? Are you proud of your books?

WWWWWH: I'm very proud of Cheetah vs. Bunny because it's sort of like The Tortoise and the Hare except my book actually has a happy ending. Thank you, Jean Marzollo, for the interview. Oh, wait a minute. This is VERY important. I LOVE to get mail. So PLEASE write to: info@jeanmarzollo.com.


May 2009


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