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Please note: Bunny Rabbit changed her name to "Who What Where When Why How" in February 2009 in the interview about LOVE because she LOVES to ask questions!.


Bunny Rabbit: My name is Bunny Rabbit. Each month I interview Jean Marzollo, author of I SPY, on a different topic. Welcome, Jean Marzollo!

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Jean Marzollo: Thank you, Bunny Rabbit.

Bunny Rabbit: The topic for December is: NEW BOOKS. Jean Marzollo, what’s your latest book?

Jean Marzollo: Ten Little Christmas Presents.

Bunny Rabbit: What kind of book is it?

Jean Marzollo: It’s a counting book for preschoolers.

Bunny Rabbit: What inspired you to write Ten Little Christmas Presents?

Jean Marzollo: I was riding on the train into New York City. I was going to have lunch with my editor, Grace Maccarone, and I had thought I would like to write something for her. So I had an idea, and I started writing it on the train. Trains are great for me to write rhythm and rhyme. It started out “Ten little Christmas presents/Looking mighty fine/One was for Owl/And then there were nine.” So, I wrote the whole thing and had lunch with her and she liked it and asked me for some art samples. I gave them to her, and Scholastic bought it.

Bunny Rabbit: Dedicated to Kristen Mary Faust. Who is Kristen Mary Faust?

Jean Marzollo: Kristen Mary Faust was a friend of mine with a great sense of humor. And she loved to give to others, just like Santa Bear.

Bunny Rabbit: I see that you are both the author and the illustrator of Ten Little Christmas Presents. How does that feel?

Jean Marzollo: Happy. I love to write, and I love to paint.

Bunny Rabbit: What is your favorite animal in the book?

Jean Marzollo: The porcupine with mittens on.

Bunny Rabbit: Me, too! What a coincidence! Thank you, Jean Marzollo, for the time you gave for the interview.

Jean Marzollo: You’re very welcome.

Bunny Rabbit: Next month’s topic is I SPY. See you in January!


December 2008


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