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I SPY Numbers
8" x 8" Paperback

Jennifer Cotennec Christensen, a kindergarten teacher in Minneapolis, MN recently me a letter with five fantastic videos of her kindergarten children reading my book I SPY NUMBERS, an 8"x8" paperback picture book. I am happy to share her letter with you.

"At Prodeo Academy, where I teach kindergarten, children are instructed in phonics with a program called Fundations. This program teaches the small nuances of the English language that many of us do not remember learning but have internalized to be good readers - such as: How do you decide whether to use a C or a K at the beginning of a 3 letter word? If the middle letter is an I or E, use a K at the beginning. If the middle letter is an A or an O, use a C at the beginning.

"The I SPY 8x8 books have some short, kid-friendly words that are perfect for beginning readers. In our classroom, we practice reading daily. Children get "reading bags" that are sent home every day in their backpacks. Each reading bag contains a book on the student's reading level and a reading log which parents are asked to sign and date when a book has been read. Students that read 15 books in one month are given a reward of a Pizza Hut gift card!

"Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick's 8x8 I SPY books are a great way for kids to practice reading at home or in school. The books follow a predictable pattern and use rhythm and rhyme, both of which help children predict which words will come next. There are many CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) words that children can blend and read on their own. The combination of using picture clues plus phonics skills make these I SPY books a fun way for children to engage in reading! Last year, 93% of our kindergarten students were on grade level at the end of the school year."








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