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A Live Christmas Tree
From Superkids by Jean Marzollo - Illustrations by Irene Trivas

Many of the activities on these pages may require adult supervision.
Be sure to tell a grown-up about what you're planning and ask for permission before getting started.


Trim it, then plant it.


Instead of buying a cut Christmas tree that will die as the holiday progresses, some people buy a live Christmas tree, enjoy it inside for a few days, and then plant it outside in the yard where it will grow. If you're interested in this project, here's how to do it. At a nursery buy a live balled-and-burlapped tree. Check to make sure the tree has a good fragrance, good color, and firm needles. The root ball should not be frozen. When you get home, leave the tree in a protected place, such as an unheated garage or basement, for a few days so it can adjust to indoor temperatures. Keep the root ball moist. Use a container that fits the root ball. Wrap the ball in plastic to keep moisture in and wedge it straight into the container. Place it in a cool location in the house. It should stay fresh for a week. After the holidays move it back to the garage for a few days. To plant it, dig a straight-sided hole 1 inch deeper than the soil ball and 1 foot wider. Loosen the soil in the hole and loosen the soil around the root ball if necessary. Set the root ball in the hole. Fill around the outside with soil, packing it down slightly. Water gently. Fill the rest of the hole with soil. Water with several gallons of water to which plant food has been added according to the directions on the package. If it doesn't rain in a day or two, water again thoroughly. In cold climates, pack leaves or peat moss around the tree to keep the top of the root ball from freezing. If your lawn is too frozen to plant the tree, keep it in a cool protected location with the roots covered until the ground thaws. Keep the roots moist.


live tree illustration


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Based on the book SUPERKIDS: Creative Learning Activities for Children 5-15
Text © Jean Marzollo, Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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