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From Superkids by Jean Marzollo - Illustrations by Irene Trivas

Many of the activities on these pages may require adult supervision.
Be sure to tell a grown-up about what you're planning and ask for permission before getting started.


On a warm, sunny Saturday, if you and your friends feel like making extra money, get some washing equipment together and walk around your neighborhood asking car owners if they would lIke you to wash their car. State your price and tell exactly what you need: water, hose, buckets, whatever. If you can, bring detergent, car cleaner, and sponges with you. Say you will do it right away so the car can dry fast.

How to Wash a Carbubbles

1. Shut all windows and doors so water won't
get in.

2. Rinse off the entire car with a hose. Squirt the tires and fenders under pressure to get off additional dirt and dried mud.

3. Scrub the car with detergent or car cleaner and water. Use a brush that attaches to a hose, or rags, sponges,
and brushes and a bucket of sudsy water.

4. Rinse all the soapy water off the car with a hose.

5. Polish with a dry cloth, sponge, or chamois so there will be no waterspots left.

How to Clean the Inside of a Car

1. Wash the windows from the inside with Windex or some other window cleaner. Use paper towels or

2. Empty the car ashtrays.

3. Clean out the car and the trunk. Take belongings to the car owner. Throw trash in a trash bag.

4. If the car owner asks you to, vacuum the car with an electric vacuum cleaner. Plug it into an outside socket or use an extension cord plugged into an indoor socket. Be careful in vacuuming the dashboard. Use the small round brush with long hairs so you don't scratch anything. Take care not to turn on any switches.

How to Polish a Car

1. Apply car polish with paper towels.

2. With clean rags, wipe the polish off. Keep rubbing until the car shines. This is hard work. You should charge more for polishing a car than just washing it.

car wash


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Based on the book SUPERKIDS: Creative Learning Activities for Children 5-15
Text © Jean Marzollo, Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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