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Birthday Parties For Children




1. Have your child, if over the age of four, help you plan the party. This way your child will know what is happening and will be less apt to have unrealistic expectations.

2. Tie balloons outside your door so guests will know where you live.

3. Serve food and drinks children like. Don't get fancy. If you are worried about spills, serve ginger ale. It's less likely to stain rugs.

4. Choose games the children know how to play. Ask your child or your child's teacher which games are favorites.

5. Make sure the first person It in games is the birthday party child.

6. Remember that not all the children have to play all the games. Some children prefer to watch or play with toys. That's okay. Don't be a tyrant.

7. Don't just give out treat bags. Make the children hunt for them. It is more fun that way, and it takes up more time.

8. Have the party at the park or playground for a change. Tell everyone what time to meet and where. Serve food there and let the children play as they always do.

9. Be ready for parents coming to pick up their children on time. Have the last game end with putting on coats. At the end, give everyone a their treat bags. Easy!

10. If you like, send thank-you notes to each child at the party. Make a list when presents are being opened or ask another grownup to keep track.


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