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Birthday Parties For Children



1. Call the children to invite them, or make your own invitations. Your child can decorate paper or index cards with drawings, make prints of onions or other vegetables with paint or a stamp pad, or use stickers. Your child can write the information about the party too, if he or she is old enough.

2. Have the children design and color their own tablecloth or mats. Tape white shelf paper on the table and provide crayons. Use round coffee filters for place mats and provide marking pens.

3. Serve only cake (make it if you can), ice cream, and juice.


4. Play noncompetitive games so that you don't have to buy prizes to give out. Don't feel cheap about this. Children are often happier playing noncompetitive games. Or put a gold sticker on everyone's nose who wins a game, or give the winners special armbands.

5. Don't give out treat bags and candy baskets. At the end of the party give every child a paper-bag mask or a bag of potato chips. Or make some special projects as favors.

6. Don't feel guilty about economizing. The children will have just as much fun as if you had spent lots of money. The best things in life (and at birthday parties) really are free: love and friendship.


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