From Superkids by Jean Marzollo - Illustrations by Irene Trivas

Many of the activities on these pages may require adult supervision.
Be sure to tell a grown-up about what you're planning and ask for permission before getting started.

This page is for the lighting director.


Often kids forget to think about lighting their shows, which is too bad. Good lighting can make the difference between a boring show and an interesting one.

If you put on your show at night, you can create especially interesting lighting effects. For example: you can keep the "house lights" on while the audience is being seated. Then, all of a sudden at the start of the play, turn off all the lights. Someone strikes a gong. A small light clicks on. It is focused on the face of Dracula.

Or, three monsters wearing capes enter. The lights go off. All you see are their faces bottom-lit by flashlights they are carrying under their capes.

Or, in a talent show you have soloists. Turn all the lights out and shine one light only on the performer. Use a light bright enough to light up the person well but not so bright as to light up everything in the background.


Lighting illustration

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Based on the book SUPERKIDS: Creative Learning Activities for Children 5-15
Text © Jean Marzollo , Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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