Paper Fun
From Superkids by Jean Marzollo - Illustrations by Irene Trivas

Many of the activities on these pages may require adult supervision.
Be sure to tell a grown-up about what you're planning and ask for permission before getting started.

Save paper for these projects.

1. Tissue-paper Collage Tissue Paper Collage Illustraion

Tear different colors of tissue paper into scraps and arrange them in interesting, overlapping designs on a piece of white paper. Dip a fat brush into a thinned solution of white glue and water and paint on top of the collage. The watery glue will soak through the tissue paper and hold it in place. Dry and then hang in a window for a "stained glass" effect.


Paper Spiderweb illustration



2. Paper Spiderweb

Take a package of crepe paper and make alternate cuts in it 1 inch apart all the way down, always just stopping short of the other edge. Open. If you like, make some pipe-cleaner spiders to hang on the web. Remember: spiders have eight legs.




3. Newspaper Tree Newpaper Tree Illustration

Roll up two sheets of newspaper and tape them closed.

At the top make four cuts 6 inches long. Reach inside and pull the inside up carefully, letting the "branches" flop down to make a "tree."


Newspaper Tree Illustration


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Based on the book SUPERKIDS: Creative Learning Activities for Children 5-15
Text © Jean Marzollo, Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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