Birthday Parties For Children



Age Level: 4 and up

Number of Players: 16-30

What is Needed: a large ball for throwing (a beach ball or soccer ball)

Type of Game: competitive or noncompetitive

Location: outside


Divide the children into two teams. One team makes a circle and the other team stands inside it. The players forming the circle throw the ball at the players inside the circle, who are running around trying not to get hit. The inside players may not catch the ball. A ball hitting a player on the head does not count. Only players in the outside circle may throw and catch the ball. Players who get hit join the outside circle and help them try to hit the players remaining inside.


The last player left inside the circle is the winner.


Each player who gets hit trades places with the person who hit him or her. The game continues until the children tire of it.

Dodge Ball Illustration


Text © Jean Marzollo, Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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