Birthday Parties For Children



Age Level: 5 and up

Number of Players: 4 or more

What Is Needed: nothing

Type of Game: noncompetitive

Location: inside


It (the birthday child at first) leaves the room. Then everyone sits in a circle and an adult appoints a secret leader. The secret leader starts a motion, such as clapping hands or snapping fingers, and everyone copies. It is called back into the room and tries to guess who the secret leader is. The secret leader keeps changing motions. These are always copied by everyone else. The leader is hard to spot because the other children in the circle try to fool It by looking at the secret leader as little as possible or by looking at someone else. When It guesses the leader correctly, the leader becomes It, and a new secret leader is appointed.

Secret Leader Illustration


Text © Jean Marzollo, Illustrations © Irene Trivas

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