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Birthday Parties For Children


Cartoon Party Invitation



Buy or make a cake that has a cartoon character pictured on it.

Ice cream

Popeye Spinach Milk. Put green food coloring in plain milk.

Optional: Bakery cookies decorated to look like cartoon characters, such as Snoopy and Mickey Mouse


Use the color funny section of the newspaper for a tablecloth.

Purchase cups and napkins with cartoon characters on them, or use plain colored ones.

Let the children draw cartoon characters on the backs of white paper plates or decorate them with cartoon stickers.

Favors, Prizes, Items for Treat Bags

Comic books, markers or crayons, pads of drawing paper, key chains, patches, stickers with cartoon characters on them, flip books.........


Cartoon Party Illustration



Inside Games and Activities, Noncompetitive

1. Comic-Swap Shop. Have the children bring comics to the party and swap them with each other.

2. Comic-Book Hunt. Roll up comic books, secure them with rubber bands, and hide them, one for each child. Each child can keep the comic book he or she finds. Near the end, ask everyone to hunt for the comics that have not yet been found.

Inside Game, Competitive

Cartoon Relay Race. Each person runs, picks up a pad and crayon, draws a cartoon character, puts the pad and crayon down, and runs back to tag the next person on his or her team. Each player draws on a different page. The first team to finish wins.

Outside Games, Noncompetitive

1. Jerry, Jerry, Tom. Play like Duck, Duck, Goose.

2. Cartoon Man's Buff. Play like Blind Man's Buff but make the sounds of cartoon characters.

Outside Games, Competitive

1. The Blob

2. Run, Rabbits, Run!


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